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France 2020


You will start in the small town of Lacoste, where you will attend workshops with guest speakers, and apply their latest techniques while traveling to local locations. Then you will continue on to the beautiful city of Annecy where you will have the pleasure of attending the 60th anniversary of the world’s largest film festival. Amongst the excitement, you will be able to view both 2D and 3D animated films and also have the chance to meet some of the creators and directors. There will also be a MiFA pavilion where you can go meet representatives from international studios and attend pitching workshops. Finally, we wrap things up by traveling to Paris, France, where we will visit major cultural landmarks and local animation studios. This three week adventure can take the place of either ANIM 385 or SDGM 560.


You must submit TWO applications. One to study abroad and one to the animation department.

1.      Online Application (for study abroad) through this link

2.      Email the Animation department ( include resume, cover letter, demo reel and/or portfolio

Only send links to your work, do not send attachments! Unfortunately questions cannot be answered over the

Applications for both are due Feb 19th.     

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