SDGM 560 for ANIM and DWRI


The Schools of Digital Media and Liberal Arts are looking for applicants interested in enrolling in a first-of-its-kind sequence of high profile SDGM 560 courses. We are seeking a blend of the highest level of professionalism and talent.

Get real-world writers’ room and production experience collaborating with Emmy-winning Professor Eric Scot Shaw (SpongeBob, Muppet Babies, WordGirl) who will lead this team tasked with conceiving, developing, writing and producing (pre/prod/post) an Oscar-worthy SCAD short film of :90 seconds to 3:00 minutes.

In Spring 2020, the first SDGM 560 class will focusing on concept development & writing. The class will be held on MW 11am at Montgomery Hall 322. Approval is required for registration and a script sample and/or storyboard sample *will* be needed (no exceptions). If interested, please email with the subject line: ANIM+DWRI WRITERS’ ROOM.


  • DEADLINE:  5pm on Friday, Feb 14 (end Week 6). 
  • Writers will only need to take the Spring 2020 development class.
  • Animators will have the opportunity to take the SGDM 560 courses in Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 to complete the film.
  • Permission of Department Chair

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