Drawn Apart

“Drawn Apart” is a short film created at SCAD during two quarters in 2018. The team had four months to create a film from start to finish. “Drawn Apart” is the story about a young girl named Phoebe who is insecure about her artistic abilities. Unhappy with her drawing, she throws it away in a trash can. The drawing then comes to life and tries to reunite itself with Phoebe. The film follows their adventures as Phoebe learns to be proud of her artistic abilities, and her artwork struggles to get back to her. The artists on the film wanted to go with a watercolor/ painterly style in a 3-D world. It was a unique challenge combining these two styles but in the end was very successful. The team had to overcome a lot of hurdles in a short amount of time and the end result shows the amount of time and effort they had to put into this film.

Environmental Design and Research

As the crew settled on a concept for their story, it was important to do research to find a location and style to fit the story. The first thing the crew decided on was that they didn’t want their story to take place in Savannah; they wanted to explore other places. After much research, they decided on Cinque Terre, Italy.

Concept Design and Visual Development

Once the location and style was decided on, the next step was to explore and finalize the design of the city. This included colors, styles of buildings, and the props that would be in the city.

Character Designs


Our hero character, Phoebe went through a lot of different designs at first. The team who sat down and worked hard to finalize an idea of what the artist would look like, as well as facial expressions and poses. It’s important to know as much as possible about the main character for the animators to be able to get her personality across.


The other main character on the film is Paperson, who is the character on the paper that Phoebe threw away. Paperson is 2-D animated and put onto the paper plane in the 3-D environment to combine the two animation styles.

Background Characters

Initially this film had two other characters, a cat and a seagull. These characters were cut from the film, but had a handful of concepts created before they were cut. We also have a guitarist, and a lot of other characters and designs.


Because the film started out much longer than the end product, there are also a bunch of storyboards that were created but not actually in the final film. Below you can see the original storyboards and compare it to the actual film.

Final Renders

Crew List

This film couldn’t have been possible without all the fantastic and talented artists who worked on the film. Check out who was apart of this awesome team!