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Get a closer look at behind the scenes challenges in Netflix’s “Over the Moon”

More insight into the production challenges of Glen Keane’s newest film

Like many films, Over The Moon had challenges it had to overcome. Sony Pictures Imageworks, the animation studio behind the Netflix’s film, has released three short making-of videos that touch on a few of the topics. A handful of artists explain the difficulties and opportunities they were presented with and demonstrate ways they succeeded and overcame them. CG supervisor, Clara Chan walks the audience through the architecture of Lunaria, the film’s day-glo galactic city and explain the approach of creating it. Sacha Kapijimpanga, head of character animation, focuses on lunar deity Chang’e and explores her outfits as well as how her personality shapes the performance. Smaller characters and other exciting effects are explained on by vfx supervisor David Smith. As an artist it is important to have a deep understanding of your material and platform, resources, behind the scenes videos and other documentations of industry creations can be incredibly helpful to us-make sure to check them out!

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