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Disney Closes up BlueSky Studio

As many of you are aware Blue Sky Studios will be shutting down (the largest animation studio on the US’s East Coast). What a few of you don’t remember is that Blue Sky was apart of the 2019 deal Disney made with 21st Century Fox by purchasing their brand and companies underneath it’s umbrella. With the purchase being a couple of years ago the Studio was under the impression that they would continue to run for a handful of years to come. However, that has changed rather abruptly, with some of us even experiencing its effects. All of the Studios’ latest productions have been halted- even Patrick Osbornes’ ‘Nimona’ which was slotted to be finished January 2022. This is a terribly sad loss to our industry and our hearts go out to these artists who called Blue Sky Studios home! This impacts our prospects for internships and jobs immediately as well as solidifies the idea that we should always be ready with a Plan B (other job prospects, having your demo reel and portfolio ready) in case something falls through.

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