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Oscar Contenders Share Their Opinions on The Diversity of Studio Crews

Animation directors and producers explain the importance of diverse crews in the industry.

Speakers Glen Keane (director, Over the Moon), Tomm Moore (director, Wolfwalkers), Kori Rae (producer, Onward), Mark Swift (producer, The Croods: A New Age), Gitanjali Rao (director, Bombay Rose), and Pete Doctor (director, Soul) share their thoughts on the diversity of crews in the industry.

Glen Keane shared that while working with the star, Kobe Bryant expressed that he believed there was not enough black influence in the world of animation. This is something that stands out in our industry and is only recently starting to expand out to include more diversity.

Director Tom Moore often wonders, “where does everyone go over the age of 40?” His workforce at his studio Cartoon Saloon (which is based in Kilkenny, Ireland) is very young. He wonders what stops people from progressing in the industry and where the more Senior animators move on to. This is something that is very important to consider for yourself when planning for your future career!

To consider more opinions and learn more about the thoughts of Oscar Contenders, click the link below!

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