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Dejanna (DJ) Price – Student Spotlight

Dejanna (DJ) Price is a junior animation student with an interest in production management.

My name is Dejanna Price, I’m a Junior wrapping up my fall quarter here at SCAD! My main focus is in animation and illustration, but I have recently been introduced to production management and I absolutely adore it. Most recently I’ve been incredibly lucky to serve as an Associate Producer for SCAD Animation Studio’s Bearly and hold the position of Producer for their next 3D Animation production, Hex Limit!

What area of animation do you enjoy the most and why?  Honestly, I’m not sure if this counts but Production Management is my favorite part of Animation. I love being involved in every part of the pipeline and getting to watch the project from start to finish. It’s truly an amazing feeling to sit down with a group of people and come up with pitches and watch the idea turn into something completely different over the course of weeks and months.  Getting to help organize/schedule and personally get to know all of the people on the project is such a joy- I hope to one day be able to do something of the sort out in the industry.

What is a challenge that you’ve had to overcome? 

I’ve had to overcome all sorts of challenges on my artistic journey here at SCAD but the one that stands out to me is trying to decide what exactly I want to study as well as what I want to specifically pursue. Although I decided to specialize in 3D Animation I went in knowing nothing and am still learning and practicing to better myself. I’m still worried about what I will end up doing but on my journey I learned about Production Management and am starting to get into that area of Animation which I believe is something I can see myself happily enjoying and putting my heart and soul into.

What advice would you give yourself as a freshman? 

Practice!! Whatever it is you decide to go after-make sure you’re practicing in your free time even if it isn’t for a project. The world is at your fingertips on the internet, sit down and teach yourself a new skill. Also remember time management is important. If you plan things out like I do- you’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy college life with while still making the most of your education. Oh and remember it’s never to late! Don’t be afraid to try going to a new club even if it isn’t in your major-you may learn something helpful for yourself or others.

What inspires you during a difficult project? 

The people I surround myself with and my goals inspire me to get through difficult projects. Having people outside of school (non “art friends”) are nice to be around because you can get feedback from others who don’t understand or aren’t stressed out about the things you are. They usually help point out mistakes, give ideas or insight on things you may not notice. When I really feel unmotivated, I remember my goals and push myself to get through my work.

What experiences have stood out to you? 

SCAD has plenty of experiences to offer and all of them are unique. All of the extracurricular activities SCAD offers are incredible- I highly recommend everyone gets involved with something to not only learn skills and programs but to also get to know others. Other than that, my personal experience working for SCAD new Animation Studio has been tremendous opportunity. It’s taught me a lot about my interest and given me a place where I can work in a professional group setting which I adore.

What inspires you?

Other artists inspire me! I love my fellow SCAD students and all of the creative professionals I follow on social media. Everyday I’m inspired to continue on my journey and to better myself into something other people can be inspired by.

Is there anything you want to see SCAD offer in the future?

I’d love to see SCAD offer classes for Production Management or at least help get our new club recognized some more so that students can learn about it and recognize that it is a path they could take into the industry (Go check out the Animation Producers Guild!).

What made you decide to go to SCAD, and when did you choose to go to SCAD?

I met a young man in the video game department when I was touring SCAD. I was having trouble choosing between SCAD and another school but he explained what SCAD had personally done to help him further his graduate education and I thought it was incredible.

What type of studio would you like to work in when you graduate?

I’d like to work in a positive environment-probably a smaller studio because I’d like to get to know everyone who works there.

Do you have any advice for working as part of a team?

Get to know the people you’re working with and keep an open mind. The most important thing is understanding that a team project is not about your idea it’s about the team’s idea. Everyone’s success is your success-it’s not a competition when you work together (unless it’s a friendly one).

Do you have a favorite animated movie?

My favorite animated movie is Into the Spiderverse by Sony! I’ve always loved Spiderman and how expressive he can be with only eyes (even without pupils!) and this movie takes the classic hero to the next level.

When in your life did you decide to choose animation as a career?

I’ve been doing art since I was a child like many of my fellow students here but I didn’t take it seriously until high school. Freshman year of SCAD was when I decided that I wanted to choose animation as my career path though and I haven’t regretted it since, it has opened a lot of interesting paths for me.

What are some things you enjoy doing in your free time? In my free time I like heading to the gym and getting some exercise into my daily schedule-something I think everyone needs for a healthy lifestyle since us animators are always sitting in front of screens. I also like to illustrate and video game or go out with my friends.

Thanks DJ! Make sure to check out DJ’s work at:

Instagram: @dejannadraws

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