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The Bancroft Brothers Virtual Presentation

In conversation with Tony and Tom Bancroft, character animators, directors, and hosts of “The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast.”

When: Wednesday, May 6th at 2PM

The wildly popular “Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast” is hosted by twin brothers Tony and Tom Bancroft whose combined work as character animators and directors includes some of the most memorable animated characters in history including Pochahontas, The Lion King, Mulan, Veggie Tales, and more. With a strong history at Disney Animation combined with experience across multiple platforms and a strong presence in faith-based content, the Bancroft Brothers’ artistry continues to entertain and inspire. Join SCAD associate chair of animation, Matt Maloney, for a conversation about the past, present, and future of character animation based on the success of Tony and Tom Bancroft.

Zoom Link:–vqjMqHtz8a67tDwKgX_cNGSCOChPW 

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