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Psyop Portfolio Review

Psyop will be visiting the Savannah campus March 5th and 6th! To apply for their portfolio reviews, you must complete the following survey AND submit on the Job Portal. They are looking for both a CG Artist (LA) and a Designer/Animator (NYC).


CG Artist – LA

Position Overview
● Will work alongside experienced CG and VFX supervisors as well as other VFX artists,
creating all types of CG for high-end advertising and digital projects
● Collaborate with fellow artists and supervisors to meet production deadlines
● Be creative and proactive

Potential Responsibilities
One or more of the following:
● Create high quality, accurate models and UV’s based on initial concepts and
● Texture and shade assets using a wide range of reference materials
● Assist with developing the look of a sequence with the supervision team
● Create FX and abstract procedural animation
● Rig complex characters including faces in Maya
● Simulate cloth
● Composite digital as well as live action elements
● Write job specific python scripts to smooth production challenges
● Thorough understanding of most CG techniques and technologies.
● Self driven and proactive in picking up new tools and workflows..
● Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a collaborative environment.
● Good understanding of most CG techniques and technologies.
● Attention to detail with a good artistic eye and .
● Python, C++, OSL, GLSL or other programming or scripting languages
● Unreal Engine experience, especially in Blueprints and Niagra
● Hair grooming in Houdini or Yeti
● Skills and passion for multiple disciplines of the production pipeline

Designer / Animator – NY


Psyop believes in the power of storytelling. For nearly 20 years, Psyop has been a pioneer in crafting emotive and visually stunning stories for the best advertising agencies, brands, game IP and other cool stuff that we are under strict NDA and can’t talk about. Psyop’s mission from day one has been to PERSUADE, CHANGE and INFLUENCE through creating content that wins the hearts and minds of audiences and consumers. 

Position Overview 

● Work with Creative Directors, EPs and fellow designers to create styleframes and animations based on creative briefs 

● Will develop an in-depth understanding of client requirements to properly coordinate and guide clients through the creative process 

● Design and animate individually or as part of a team depending on project need

● Collaborate and share ideas with the creative and production teams


Will include but are not limited to; 

● Produce look-tests based on provided reference materials 

● Research and prepare presentations under tight deadlines 

● Work within the project requirements and production deadlines to complete all tasks 

● Work closely with other artists, Leads, and the Creative Director to ensure clients needs and requirements are all met 


● Experience working with various design styles from illustrative, photo-real to highly stylized 

● Working knowledge of the software and hardware used in the post-production process 

● Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects 


● Proficient in C4D and/or Maya a plus

● Excellent time management skills 

● Must be able to work well within a team environment and take direction

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