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The Mill Portfolio Review

The Mill is looking for summer interns and is conducting portfolio reviews! The deadline to apply is this Friday, January 31st. Apply through the SCAD job portal! The positions they are looking for are:

2D/Compositing Intern (3195320)

Responsibilities include being a part of the advertising Compositing team integrating multiple elements (live action footage, CG, stock elements etc.) and combining them to create the final image. Work collaboratively with other members of the Compositing team and other VFX departments and locations. Matching color, lighting, and exposure of elements to rendered or photographed elements. Matte extractions from blue/green screen photography. 2D/3D camera tracking. Paint fixes and rotoscoping. Matte edge processing and integration

3D Intern (3195410)

Modeling & Texturing, Animation, Rigging, Shading & lookdev, Lighting & rendering, FX, Digital matte painting

Creative Tech Intern (3195321)

The ideal candidate is passionate about creative coding, new technologies, and achieving a high level of aesthetics.  They are willing to dive into uncharted territory and experiment with or, even create, new tools.


  • support team with creative coding / technical artist tasks
  • be a self starter and take initiative on tasks
  • assist with internal and external demos / installations
  • test new hardware and tools
  • writing/maintaining documentation for existing experiences and other experimentation 

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